Sign "Warcraft" Howard, the Rockets owner Leslie Alexander and general manager Daryl Morey began lobbying to join the Rockets coaching Olajuwon, responsible for tuning the team's big man. To nike free 3.0 give Howard a comfortable environment, the rocket can be described as exhausted mind, before the team has to Howard's friend and former Magic trainer Joe Rogge Minkowski recruited into the team, and is now ready to let Howard have been respected Austrian Raju Wang served as the team full-time coach.

"We hope he (Olajuwon) to work full-time for the Rockets," Rockets general manager Daryl Morey said, "there is no conclusion, but we are very interested in between, and it has been discussed before and we hope that he will and Howard and Asik work together, he has the same desire. "

In fact, even a full-time coach Olajuwon inappropriate rocket, Howard will continue to follow this summer, "The Dream" Gifted. Howard starting in 2010 thanks to Olajuwon as a teacher, learning low attack skills. 2011, nike free 3 Howard once again follow Olajuwon Gifted. In Gifted process, Howard and Olajuwon became friends. Howard Olajuwon great respect, he said: "He upped the technology and experience to none, and this is where I need to improve in the course of training with him, I hope I can become a sponge constantly absorb nutrients from him. "

The summer of 2012, Howard did not follow Olajuwon Gifted, because he has been sidelined with injuries. However, Olajuwon in the summer of 2012 initiative to contact Howard, because at that time he served as a rocket on lobbyists. "Rockets want me to come forward, once the transaction is successful, I will talk to him, I hope that transaction to nike free run 3 be successful, I will let him make a decision after the end of the transaction," Olajuwon said that. However, Olajuwon's lobbying did not succeed, Howard traded to the Lakers through [microblogging].

This summer, Olajuwon Howard again in the process of recruiting rocket dedication for the captives "Warcraft" contribute significantly. For Howard, the future of the rocket, Olajuwon that "World of Warcraft" is expected to reach its peak. "He made great progress in joining the Rockets, he organic Samaranch your true potential, in the past two years, he has no way to show themselves fully in the game, but the Rockets are hoping he can do it," Olajuwon said.