A 6-0 victory at Real Madrid for the day Ancelotti off to a good start, Galacticos in the attack demonstrated by superior firepower so many fans feel happy, at the press conference, Ancelotti Real Madrid's nike free tilbud offensive capability expressed satisfaction.

"We performed well, you know from the training set to play, experienced only a week's time, Moreover, there are still a lot of the main Real Madrid did not come back, we in the process and results are doing well, this is the first game this summer , kicked into so I'm very happy we scored very hungry. "

C Ronaldo scored twice in half is undoubtedly the game-winning absolute hero, when talking about C Luo, Ancelotti said: "He is the team's most important player, is the core, as shown in the game things nike free to help the team, everyone is clear that his role is no doubt that he would contract with Real Madrid, C Luo's future is here, he is the best Real Madrid player. "

Ozil and Isco Joining debut, this will be a new season, Real Madrid's main attack combinations or just a simple experiment? Italy coach, said: "This is just an experiment, they are both very good players, but partner portfolio, we have to find a balance, Ozil and Isco how to meet, how to maximize their offensive and defensive characteristics, which is a problem, but we must get rid of this problem. "

Lift Higuain, Ancelotti said: "The game for Higuain nike free run is very important, because he completed a goal I just want to say that he was Real Madrid players, at least this week Higuain also To play in my hands, and I hope he can stay. "Real Madrid this summer if they would be introducing other players? Ancelotti said: "We are now the players strength is very strong, with a distinct personality, and they train every day I'm very happy, if not special needs, we will not buy a lot of people."

Finally Ancelotti said: "C Ronaldo and Ozil performance are excellent, they are role models for young people. Carvajal showed in the game full of personality, the Queen's nike free tilbud first show Yarra Mendy also very successful, jam Miro is also great. Overall, we had a productive session this week, and have been very happy. "

Ancelotti praised by individual Carvajal said in an interview after the game: "I think their debut performance, they can still run when the ball at my feet, I was always a little nervous, I think the first half of Field himself played well and many people are talking about me and Abel Figueroa competition, but I did not think so much, and now I consider is how to help the team as young men, we have ambition, I think it to be in the stadium on the show. Ancelotti coach is a very quiet, which surprised me, nike free runand he's attacking football philosophy will help us to control the game. "

Similarly staged Real Madrid debut nike free Erie Yarra Mendy was also interviewed after the game, "New Alonso" said: "I feel great, their debut satisfied with my teammates is very strong, they are very well, in addition I think Ancelotti's tactics are also very active, he cares about technology and details, I like the coach. "